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How To Open an Account in Zona Shoppers

Step 1: On the top of the homepage click on My Account

Step 2: If this is your first time, then you Register, write the password, and press the botton. 

Step 3: You will see the Main Dashboard and all the components for your Account. 

Step 4: You can select any of the menus on your account to start getting acquainted with them.

How To Check on Your Orders, Subscriptions, and Downloads?

Press on the Orders Menu to check your orders and track your orders.  

To check your subscriptions, go to your Dashboard and press Subscriptions. This is to verify the products you receive recurring services or products.  You can cancel your services by selecting it and pressing cancel.

To verify your Downloads, visit your Dashboard and press Downloads on the menu. Here you can find the download services you have or have done.

How to request a Refund (Warranty)?

Step 1: To request a Refund, visit your Dashboard and press on RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) menu. 

Step 2: Select the Product and request the Refund, or other, depending on the vendor. 

Step 3: The vendor will finish the process for those vendors offering Return-less; please select Store Credit. 

Step 1

Step 2

How To Add or Change an Address or Multiple Addresses?

Step 1: Visit your Dashboard and press on Addresses.

Step 2: Fill out the Billing Address and Shipping Address

Step 3: If you need to make changes press on the small icon next to each address title to make changes. 

How To Add or Change a Payment Method?

Select Payment Methods on the menu of your dashboard. 

Press on Add Payment Method

Select Zona Shoppers with Stripe if you want to use Stripe Credit Card offers. 
Select Express Payment Methods if you want to use PayPal Credit Cards methods. Verify which one can offer you more benefits when purchasing through their services.  

Fill the spaces with the information requested. 

How to use My Wallet?

Visit your Dashboard and select My Wallet from the menu.

Press on Wallet topup To add the amount of money you wish to add to the wallet.  

One you have written the amount of money you wish in your My Wallet then press the Add button. 

After you press the button, then you fill out the form for payment. 

Select the form of payment and Place the Order. 

How to Get In Contact with a Vendor?

Go to My Account (your account in Zona Shoppers) and select the product to get the order ID. Go to Seller Support Ticket and send a message to the product vendor. Super easy and convenient.

Contact Vendor

You can visit the vendor store and write a message. The Contact Vendor form in on the top of the vendor’s store. 

Support Ticket

You can send a Support Ticket to the vendor and Zona Shoppers. Once your in the vendor’s store on the left top corner you will find the are to open a Support Ticket. We suggest to contact the vendor first before opening a Support Ticket. 

How To Get In Touch Through Live Chat?

It is super easy to get in touch through Live Chat. On the top of each vendor’s store, which you can find HERE, you will find a chat button. Press and start a conversation. We apologize in advance if there is no one to talk to at the moment of your visit, but send the message, and they will contact you. Also, not all vendors may activate this feature, but you still can send them a message through Contact Vendor (please see the previous instructions)

How To Get In Contact with Zona Shoppers Through Email

Visit the Homepage and on the Footer (the bottom of the page) go to Contact Us.

How to Make a Search to Find Products?

There are multiple ways you can search. On the Homepage, you can search for a product, for example, t-shirts. 

You will find a search bar on each category page similar to the one on the right picture. There you have 3 options as indicated on the image. 

Search by product

Search by location: find products or vendors close to you.

Search by category 

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