Zona Shoppers Customer's Payment Policy

Zona Shoppers Payments is a secure service to help you do your shopping in peace, knowing you are protected. There are various forms of payment available in Zona Shoppers. Our payment system is fast and straightforward when you shop through our site.

 At Zona Shoppers, customers can pay with a credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or pay in installments using Affirm, all of which maintain a high degree of security. This policy explains all your rights and obligations when using Zona Shoppers Payments, and as such, this policy is a part of our Terms of Use. When you use Zona Shoppers Payments, you agree to our Terms of Services.

Acceptance of Terms

The Zona Shoppers Payments Policy (or the “Policy”) sets out your rights and responsibilities when you use Zona Shoppers Payments.  Please read it carefully before you proceed to use it as you agreed to all the statements and responsibilities once used. The Policy is a legally binding contract between you, the Vendor, and Zona Shoppers.

General Information

Zona Shoppers Payments Service allows you to make payments through a secure network. You can access charges through Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, & American Express, and more), Stripe, or installments through Affirm.  

Zona Shoppers Payments is only available to registered customers 18 years or older. Registration helps us maintain high standards of protection among users.  

All users must use appropriate caution when making payments in public places or using public networks (Wi-Fi). If you provide visual or physical access or use a public network, Zona Shoppers cannot protect you from unscrupulous users. Please always ensure that you save your passwords, usernames, credit card numbers, or payment email access; when you use a public network (Wi-Fi) for payments in public, your risk of being hacked increases.  

Please remember that using a stolen identity is a crime.  

Once the third party confirms the payment, the shipping process begins. If there is a problem with your payment selection, we recommend contacting your provider or bank. If your purchase did not go through, please it is recommended to use another payment method.  

Zona Shoppers reserves the right to terminate services to individuals committing illegal use of the Site. We also reserve the right to report the issue to the correspondent authorities.  

The customer must understand that each payment processor providing services may offer special offers that may or may not qualify in Zona Shoppers. Therefore, before you select, please verify with your service provider. 

All customers must authorize the selected payment venue to conclude the shopping.  

Third-Party Payment Services

 To provide high-quality services, Zona Shoppers engaged with third-party payment providers. These providers are legally authorized and registered services that perform card processors, currency exchange, fraud analysis, identity verification, and regulatory compliance.  

 The processing time varies depending on the payment service selected. Zona Shoppers will not contact you directly to seek payment. If the payment does not proceed, the product is not shipped. We will notify you via My Account about the cancellation of the process. Please contact us immediately if you believe you received an email by mistake, or if the information is erroneous.    

Zona Shoppers shares encrypted sensitive information transactions with third-party service providers to process payments. Therefore, you need to be aware that you are biding to the terms of those credit services you are selecting when using Zona Shoppers Payment Services. If you need information, we advise you to visit the payment service you wish to use: Stripe, Visa, Master Card, American Express, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Affirm, depending on the selected party.  

Zona Shoppers Gift Certificates and Promotional Gift Certificates are subject to the Gift Certificate Policy.

All processes will be stopped and canceled if an illicit activity is noticed during the payment process.  

Rights and Responsibilities

 Zona Shoppers reserves the right to make available other payment services, discontinue the current payment services, or modify the existing payment services. We constantly work hard to provide our customers with the best cost-efficient services. 

We work hard to keep a safe place for all users. Therefore, we may impose transaction limits on customers as a security measure. Also, we may impose restrictions on the number of transactions per day. However, we will not be liable to a customer: (a) if we do not proceed with a purchase that would exceed any limit established by us or (b) if we permit a vendor to withdraw from a transaction.

You agree with Zona Shoppers to refuse service of Zona Shoppers Payments to anyone, for any reason, at any time.

Zona Shoppers reserves the right to decline transactions that we believe to be high-risk, fraudulent, or violate Zona Shoppers’ Terms of Use.

If a customer purchases using fraudulent information like a stolen card number or any other information, Zona Shoppers will not provide Customer’s Purchase Protection.  

Zona Shoppers only maintains records associated with Zona Shoppers Payments transactions, this doesn’t include card numbers or special information that can compromise security.  Be secure knowing that vendors will only receive limited buyer account information necessary to complete the order.  

According to our Electronic Communication Policy, Zona Shoppers maintains your purchasing record on your account for you to review and verify. 

Do Not Accept Offsite Payments  

  All customers must not accept to pay on an offsite payment service. You would not qualify for Customer’s Purchase Protection if the purchase was made using another payment type than those offered on Zona Shoppers. If you received an offer to pay on an offsite payment processor, please notify us at customers@zonashoppers.com

Dashboard Accounts. 

Once you subscribe to Zona Shoppers, you can access your private Dashboard. Here you will find your payment services, purchase history, shipping, and many more features.  

If you need to change any of your information including payment, please use your dashboard.  

Your payment information must be accurate and up-to-date to proceed with checkout.  

 Please do not give dashboard access to other people. We cannot protect your information if you provide private information to others. We do not have access to control the user to whom you give permission. If we notice a discrepancy between the sales and the number of products, we will initiate an investigation.

Disputes. You agree to solve conflicts or discrepancies directly with vendors professionally as stated on the Term of Service (Use) and Anti-Discrimination and Hate Speech Policy. When using the Zona Shoppers Payment Process, the customer must agree to accept the terms of services stipulated in each vendor’s store, including methods for refund and return.  

Return-less. The seller may offer the customer a store credit as part of its return-less policy. Return-less is when the customer keeps the product, regardless of the situation, and the seller provides a store credit. Store credit has a usable time of 365 days and can be used on any product with sales from the same vendor or any other vendor. In cases where the seller is no longer on the Site, Zona Shoppers you still have access to your store credit.   

Communications. All customers can communicate with Zona Shoppers through the message tool on the dashboard. All transactions are also found on the dashboard. All correspondence regarding payment must follow the Electronic Communication Policy, including internal messaging.

Refunds. Refunds or adjustments paid by Zona Shoppers’ Vendors to customers for payments made through Zona Shoppers Payments may be initiated using the refund functionality in the customers’ dashboard.  

 International Trade Laws.

Using the Zona Shoppers Payment Policy, you agree to the local, state, federal, and international regulations (according to our presence). The payment service cannot be related to embargos, countries with US embargos, or prohibited commercial relations. Any other wish goes against the US Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) or other governmental agency. Please read our Restriction Policy for more information. Deals outside the US can add additional fees other than regular service charges. In addition, the vendor and the customer should be aware of customs charges or other local fees. 

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