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Electronic Communication Policy

Enhanced Communication Policy:

Effective communication is essential for a positive experience for Zona Shoppers. To maintain professionalism and ensure efficient interactions, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Electronic Communication: All communication between customers and vendors, as well as between vendors and Zona Shoppers’ team must be conducted exclusively through internal electronic means.

  2. Relevance and Professionalism: Information exchanged should be relevant to the product or products in question and conveyed in a professional manner.

  3. Protection of Personal Data: It is strictly prohibited to exchange personal data between parties. This includes but is not limited to sensitive information such as addresses, phone numbers, or financial details.

  4. Closure of Communication: Once all inquiries have been addressed and the necessary information exchanged, communication should be promptly concluded to maintain efficiency.

  5. Prohibition of Payment Transactions: Payments through electronic communication channels are strictly prohibited to ensure the security of financial transactions. Please utilize the designated payment methods provided by Zona Shoppers.

  6. Accessing Support: Should you require assistance from the Zona Shoppers team, feel free to submit inquiries as needed. We’re here to help and ensure your experience is smooth and enjoyable.

By adhering to these communication guidelines, we aim to facilitate a seamless and secure shopping experience for all users of the Zona Shoppers platform. Thank you for being so cooperative.

Note: you can request to be removed from receiving Electronic Communications. This action will take effect after Zona Shoppers has had a reasonable period to process the requests which can be a maximum of 5 months. After the withdrawal, all communication must be done through the mail, which will incur expenses and fees for the person. Zona Shoppers reserves the right to cancel all services after a request to withdraw from Electronic Communication. 

Last updated in August 2020

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